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The award-winning Icon Pack leads the assortment of backpacks, messengers and other solutions that organize and protect your gear.

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Laptop Backpacks

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Messenger Bags

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  • Range Messenger Large
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    Range Messenger Large 15" MacBook Pro

    $129.95 3.0/5 stars
  • Range Messenger
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    Range Messenger 13" MacBook Pro

    $89.95 4.0/5 stars
  • Field Bag View
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    Field Bag View iPad Air

    $79.95 $49.95 3.7/5 stars

Satchel Shoulder Bags

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Duffel Bags

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  • EO Duffel
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    EO Duffel EO Travel Collection

    $149.95 3.9/5 stars

Travel Carry On Luggage

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  • EO Rolling Brief
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    EO Rolling Brief EO Travel Collection

    $249.95 $229.95 3.8/5 stars
  • EO Hardshell Roller
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    EO Hardshell Roller EO Travel Collection

    $299.95 4.2/5 stars
  • EO Roller
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    EO Roller EO Travel Collection

    $249.95 4.4/5 stars