Established 2014

An ICON for a reason.

Heritage performance, modern protection.

Everything considered.

The Line Up | Backpack with Woolenex + Ideas Protected + Sleeve with Woolenex for MacBook Pro

Details. Details. Details.

Push the boundaries with award-winning design.

With organization at its core, the ICON backpack is enviably durable, an iconically driven. Designed as a minimal carry with maximum protection, its heritage is its pedigree.

Lightweight and innovative, we created injection-molded tensaerlite bumpers around the inner core of the ICON sleeve to provide maximum efficiency and durability with a near weightless build. 

We began by studying what people carry and how they do it. Focusing on the needs of the commuting creative, we designed a bag that makes your office mobile. With pockets and compartments everywhere, there’s a space for everything.

The ICON backpack’s structured design features a classic, heritage-inspired, minimalist aesthetic that can move in and out of any space, anytime. From the city to the studio, it’s always at home. 

Crafted with superior, integrated comfort features designed for carrying the tools of the trade, we used an intelligent storage paradigm to optimize organization for MacBooks, iPads, and iPhone accessories.