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Incase MacBook Hardshells

The original
MacBook hardshell.

Innovative, responsible, form-fitting protection since the very beginning.

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Incase MacBook Hardshells

13 years of being the original.

We created the first MacBook hardshell in 2009 and have been pushing the boundaries of intentional, intelligent and innovative design since. From recyclable materials to precision molding, it’s always been—and always will be—about keeping your ideas protected.

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Incase MacBook Hardshells

A better experience through good design.

We know the difference a detail can make and have always looked to Apple as a nod in the right direction. Designed to accentuate and complement the new MacBook Pro’s features and performance, our hardshells are defined by their sleek, lightweight form and on-the-go innovation.

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Incase MacBook Hardshells

Premium, fray-resistant design.

Refined Woolenex overlays an injection-molded Makrolon shell, creating a precision form-fitting hardshell that offers unrivaled durability with a slim, lightweight body. Our patented design ensures the protective Woolenex layer never frays.

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Incase MacBook Hardshells

Tread Lightly. Protect Fully.

Responsibly designed and fully recyclable, our Dots Hardshell is made with Makroloyn, an extremely lightweight polycarbonate known for its high-impact resistance as well as its low C02 and emissions and energy savings. Even better, it’s fully recyclable at the end of its life.

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Keep it cool and protected.

Every port, every button, every feature. The new Dots Hardshell case for 14” & 16” MacBook Pros features heat ventilation as well as rubberized feet to keep you exactly where you mean to be.

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