Three Incase employees show us how they pack their organizers.


The Nylon Accessory Organizer—one small bag with a whole lot of function. Tech accessories, art supplies, sewing supplies—you can use it to store virtually anything that fits. You never have to worry about finding items in the depth of your backpacks, briefs, totes or messengers ever again.



Tiffany Vo-Ly

1.Tell us about your work life: How long you’ve been with Incase, your title and main responsibilities.

I’ve been with Incase since May 2016—about two years now. I was brought into Incase as a graphic designer, but eventually worked my way up to senior designer. As a senior designer, I work closely with different clients to conceptualize, design and produce print-ready product packaging files and other digital brand collateral pieces. I present design solutions for new packaging formats and product categories. I partner with members from the marketing and creative departments to incorporate necessary details, product information and marketing communications on final packaging for review. I Interface with the production team and print vendors—domestic and international—to ensure design intent and print mechanicals are well received and understood.

2.How long have you been illustrating? What do you love most about it?

Ever since I was able to pick up a pencil, I started doodling and making cute notes for my family and friends. I love that it lets me be creative and express myself on paper. I loved it so much that I had to major in design in college. It’s always been a hobby of mine, but now it’s a part of my work life. Today, I make line drawings for work and illustration puns as my hobby.

3.What are your three must-have items for your workspace? Why?

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Kenji Okada

  1. Tell us about your work life: How long you’ve been with Incase, your title and main responsibilities.

I have been with Incase for two years. I am the director of design for soft goods. My main responsibility is working with the design team to design and create bags and other cut-and-sew accessories.

  1. Have you always been into design and fashion? What do you love most about each one?

Design and product have always been important to me, though I didn't necessarily understand it at the time. Growing up I played a lot of sports, but the ones that interested me the most were the ones that required a lot of equipment. It was never about having the newest or most expensive pieces; it was about what helped me play better and look a certain way. At the time I didn’t understand my gravitation towards certain aesthetics, but now I see it as the foundation for my design sense. Fashion came into my life a little later, but it was a similar attraction. I am drawn towards the details and technical aspects. My style is pretty subdued, and most of the details I like are very small and usually only evident to the user. But the thought and care that went into them is what draws me to the piece.

  1. Is there anything unusual you always carry with you?

Thread snips. I always have them in my travel organizer but never use them. It’s something that I always think will come in handy. Maybe someday they will.

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Mike Quinones

  1. Tell us about your work life: How long you’ve been with Incase, your title and main responsibilities.

I’ve been with Incase for almost two beautiful years. My current title is global creative director, and I’ve recently been concentrating on overall brand alignment across all departments to create a cohesive user experience and message.

  1. Have you always been involved with cycling and active living? What do you love most about it?

I have loved mountain biking for a few years now, but never cycling. I only picked up cycling because of the insane traffic in Los Angeles—it’s faster for me to ride my bike the nearly nine-mile commute than to drive it. Getting the blood moving and flowing is a great way to start the day as well as end it. I mostly continue to do it because I have actually come to hate it! Pushing myself to be in uncomfortable positions or situations I don’t want to be in is good practice for those times when it might not be a choice.

  1. What is the one item in your Travel Accessory Organizer you don’t go anywhere without and why?

My Lightning cable for my iPhone—that thing is always running out of juice!

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Jennifer Suarez