photo of a person at a desk with their laptop, ICON backpack, and Incase Designed By Microsoft accessories

Introducing Incase Designed by Microsoft

Welcome to where creativity knows no bounds.

Incase to relaunch Microsoft® PC accessory portfolio in 2024

Strategic partnership further expands award-winning lineup of tech solutions

Incase is proud to announce that we’ll be offering Incase Designed by Microsoft starting in 2024. As a brand new line of computer accessories, Incase Designed by Microsoft brings together Microsoft’s 30-year legacy of expertise and innovation with Incase’s decades of unrivaled performance and sought-after style. We believe in creating a better experience through good design and there’s nothing that can stop us from revealing our first 23 designed by Microsoft computer accessories later this year. 

Throughout 2024, you’ll see the same performance-driven design you’ve come to expect from Incase and Microsoft but, this time, together. We’re dedicated to transforming the lives of creatives worldwide and we know pushing the boundaries means opening up the aperture on the who, what and how Incase delivers our award-winning products.

photo of black ergonomic keyboard and other travel accessories


Ergonomic. Portable. Wireless. Encrypted. Whatever features you need, we’ve got the accessories to keep you going.

Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop product image

Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

Designed for seamless flow whether you’re working, gaming, or following your creativity. There’s nothing more important that a set up that gets you dialed in with a keyboard, mouse, and number pad that all work together.

Sculpt Comfort Desktop product image

Sculpt Comfort Desktop

The answer to customizable considerations, the Sculpt Comfort Desktop features a contoured design intentionally made to save space for a right-handed mouse.

Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050 AES product image

Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050 AES

Sculpted and made to flow, this modern keyboard and mouse set features wireless connection designed to enhance your natural posture while maintaining a connection from up to 30 feet away, all with encrypted technology.

Wireless Desktop 850 product image

Wireless Desktop 850

Wireless everywhere, the Wireless Desktop 850 lets you move up to 15 feet away from your desktop while still making the moves you need to make. Plus, the wireless mouse is designed to work on its own, with or without the keyboard, making it your best travel companion.

Wireless Desktop 900 product image

Wireless Desktop 900

Designed to express the full power of a keyboard with clean lines and a USB mouse, the Wireless Desktop 900 keyboard has a wireless Bluetooth connection you can count on.

Wired Desktop 600 product image

Wired Desktop 600

Spill resistant because things happen, we included an optical mouse and a plug-and-play set up that makes quiet touch keys and quick access media controls just one step away.

Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard product image

Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

We took a cue from the natural world and made the Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard with a natural arc in mind. Its reverse tilt position maintains the correct angle to ensure your wrist is always in the right spot at the right time.

Ergonomic Keyboard product image

Ergonomic Keyboard

Made to work with you and the natural ebb and flow of your keystrokes, the Ergonomic Keyboard is designed for comfort and long hours with the cushioned palm rest and shortcut keys.

Wired Keyboard 600 product image

Wired Keyboard 600

Matte black and always connected, the Wired Keyboard 600’s quiet touch keys and quick access media controls simplify your navigation in ways you never knew you needed.

Bluetooth Keyboard product image

Bluetooth Keyboard

Featuring a full keyboard with number pad and home key, the Bluetooth Keyboard seamlessly pairs with your laptop and features up to a 2 year battery life.

Designer Compact Keyboard product image

Designer Compact Keyboard

Crafted with a premium finish and low angle for optimized typing and keystrokes, there’s nothing more beautiful that less wires when it comes to your rig.

Bluetooth Number Pad product image

Bluetooth Number Pad

Set up your desktop on your terms, not your keyboard’s. Made with customization in mind, the Bluetooth Number Pad makes crunching numbers more considered than ever.

photo of Incase designed by microsoft mouse laying on a glass table


Your companion in creativity, we’ve designed our mice with thoughtful intention, providing the comfort and control you need for precision navigation and exceptional execution.

Mobile Mouse 1850 product image

Mobile Mouse 1850

Made for life on the go, the Mobile Mouse 1850 features built-in transceiver storage, an integrated scroll wheel, and a dual hand design for comfortable use no matter where life takes you.

Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse product image

Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

Made to put in the hours, the Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse features premium hardware designed for precision navigation. Two programmable buttons.

Bluetooth Mouse product image

Bluetooth Mouse

Modern, compact, and made for ultra-smooth tracking on nearly every surface we could imagine. Choose your color to match your style. 12 month battery life.

Mobile Mouse 1850 product image

Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Unlike any other mouse out there, the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse places wrist comfort and ease of navigation at the forefront of every click, encouraging natural posture without the effort.

Modern Mobile Mouse product image

Modern Mobile Mouse

Lightweight and designed to take it with you, the Modern Mobile Mouse features a sculpted body with smooth scroll wheel and optimized Bluetooth connectivity.

zoomed in image of a Teams Certified speaker and microphone

Designed for Teams: Certified Devices

Collaboration is everything when it comes to creativity and our accessories are designed to empower your teams with seamless, high-quality tech with unwavering connectivity.

Modern Wireless Headset product image

Modern Wireless Headset

Lightweight and designed for all-day wear, our Modern Wireless Headset features leading audio quality, enhanced voice recognition, and comfortable, temperature-aware ear pads.

Modern USB Headset product image

Modern USB Headset

Stay focused with comfortable on-ear muffs with exceptional in-ear speakers for call quality and on-set microphone designed for voice recognition.

Modern USB-C Headset product image

Modern USB-C Headset

A wired connection that never drops, the Modern USB-C Headset offers comfortable on-hear muffs with a sleek microphone for comfortable calling.

Modern USB-C Speaker product image

Modern USB-C Speaker

Sleek, compact and designed for seamless integration with all Surface and Windows 10 PCs for clear, tuned audio with integrated noise reduction.

Audio Dock product image

Audio Dock

A simplified, all-in-one audio system that links your laptop to your monitor while charging accessories and filtering background noise.

Modern Webcam accessory product image

Modern Webcam

A versatile, easy-to-mount HD video camera designed to adjust to changes in light while delivering True Tone and facial retouch enhancements.

multiple Microsoft accessories laying flat in a group photo