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Incase Ecoya


Eco-concious design with global appeal.

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Incase Ecoya

The message is in
the material.

Meet Ecoya®, the innovative performance fabric that unites environmental sustainability with function and texture. Taking an unconventional approach to the production process, Ecoya achieves increased functionality by resisting fading from light or water and decreased emissions and water usage in the production process.

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Incase Ecoya

Textile innovation for water conservation.

Ecoya fabric is created through an eco-dyeing process that introduces coloration in the raw material stage instead of at the yarn phase, when traditional yarn dyeing occurs. With this innovative method, Ecoya reduces CO2 emissions and uses 89% less water than conventional yarn dyeing methods while also creating a more colorfast fabric that stands up better to light, water and washing.

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Incase Ecoya

Superior colorfastness.

Colorfastness refers to how resistant the color or dye within a fabric is to removal. Because Ecoya yarns are created with pigment already in the raw materials, they retain more color throughout, resulting in fabrics with superior colorfastness over traditional yarn-dyed fabric. This means less fading when exposed to light, water or washing.

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Incase Ecoya

Eco benefits of Ecoya.

By innovating the fabric production process, Ecoya eliminated the need for many of the resource-draining stages of the conventional yarn-dyeing process, resulting in significant savings in water and considerable reduction in chemical emissions.


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