A.R.C. Commuter Pack

Compatible Devices

Up to 16" MacBook Pro

Color: Black

The ultimate carry backpack to store everyday tech essentials through the daily commute. Refined organization in the Commuter Pack is featured through two compartments, one for your laptop and tablet, then a larger main compartment with tie-down straps and organization. An additional tech-savy RFID feature pocket, large storage pocket, and two water bottle pockets provide ultimate device protection and thoughtful organization on the exterior of bag.


17in x 11in x 7in, 18.8L (L x W x H, V)


Recycled Polyester

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Ronald Webb
My 2nd A.R.C. Commuter Pack

Being a person that works on music between Los Angeles and New York, these bags have been an integral piece of equipment in my work arsenal. It helps to keep me organized and agile as I travel

We are so glad you are enjoying the A.R.C Commuter Pack, Ronald. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review to provide feedback. We greatly appreciate it!

Back Pack

I love the quality and durability of these products but disappointed in the comfort in comparison to my last back pack which I had for 20 years.

Kenny Simon
Follow-Up to previous review.

Bag has fallen apart after a little more than 1 year of use. Extremely disappointed with the longevity of this product.

Nigel Tufnel
Premium Price, some obvious design flaws

This is almost the perfect bag but it is at a premium price. Some truly shortsighted decisions.
1) The worst is the back facing laptop and tablet design. Who thought this foolishness would work, since it creates a bulge facing backwards which puts pressure directly on the tablet and laptop, since the top several inches won't make contact with your back. That doesn't happen when the entire back is flat and then the laptop (largest device) is in back and a tablet (smaller) faces forward. I don't know if I trust this or can get used to it.

2) No inner zipper pockets except for one small RFID pocket. Why wouldn't you put some type of premium zipper inside the back inner pocket instead of some super cheap paper thin sleeve with 3 long pen holders that are awkward to use? The sleeve holds nothing of real value as it's super tight and what would you put in there? Others have a mesh pocket or regular pocket with a zipper to keep small items. Total waste of the inner compartment which seems designed primarily as an overnight for clothes - but lacking anything but a minor sleeve which you can fit another laptop.

3) The fleece lined slip pocket. This is the only one that you can live with, to some degree, if you want this to be your easy access no fooling phone pocket. Things one fall out of there and it's very easy to just slip your hand in and out and not so easy to steal since you can't see it. But why not put a zipper there the user can choose to keep open? (I do understand not wanting to get scratched, etc.) This pocket is forgiveable and doesn't really get in the way of much anything.

Word to Incase and other bag manufacturers. Most of us don't care about these random pockets that are non-zipped, loose, and only good for putting things like calculators, floppy disks, and loose cables and items that we probably wouldn't put in there because it's so easy to fall out ad we'd use a little gig bag. Great exterior. Love the outer pockets. But a real failed inner design.

Kapil Mauritius
Ready for work! Ready for travel!

High utility performance. And rigidity for everyday travel.