We closely followed the creation of this Apple-exclusive.


We’re proud to share that we had the opportunity to design an exclusive denim MacBook sleeve for Apple. It was not only an incredible honor, but also a fantastic experience because we worked with Cone Denim—an authentic, innovative denim fabric supplier with an impressively long history (since 1891)— throughout the entire creation process.



The Envelope Sleeve in Denim is precisely crafted with the same hand techniques used to make your favorite jeans. From hand sanding and stone washing to a custom cut and sew, it’s not commonly known just how many meticulous steps it takes to make those jeans and, in our case, the Envelope Sleeve in Denim. A lot went into perfecting this denim sleeve and it’s all very fascinating, so we filmed the process to provide a way for you to experience it for yourself.

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For a little more detail on the process for the Envelope Sleeve in Denim for MacBook, our product design team broke it down:

The Envelope Sleeve may look visually simple (yet aesthetically pleasing), but it actually has a very precise and crafted treatment that goes into each sleeve.

We started by selecting the desired wash at Cone Denim. By referencing countless vintage-wash denim samples, we were able to narrow it down to the one perfect wash for our MacBook sleeve—a wash that’s sophisticated and universal.

From there, as you can see in the video and photos, we carefully crafted this thoughtfully designed sleeve. You can see each step, including actual hand sanding, conducting multiple washing stages, custom cutting and sewing, all the way to one last stage of hand sanding for that final touch.

Each step perfected the final wash and details you’ll see on your Envelope Sleeve in Denim—and it’ll wear just like the pair of jeans you always throw on.



"We carefully crafted this thoughtfully designed sleeve."

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[/standout-image image3]

"It’ll wear just like the pair of jeans you always throw on."

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Jennifer Suarez