Shipping (7)

How much does it cost to ship international?

$15-$45 dollars depending on the item. Shipping is done via USPS and takes between 1 to 4 weeks to arrive at most locations.

You can get the exact rate in the checkout form (before you submit your order).

As a note, import fees and duties are not included in the shipping charges. In addtion all packages are declared at full retail value including promotional and sales items.

How long does it take to ship?

Depending on when you placed the order, it might take up to 1-3 business days before your order gets shipped. Note: our warehouse is closed on the weekends and on U.S. Holidays.

Expedited orders need to be placed before 2:00 pm PST in order to go out the same day, otherwise will ship the following business day.

USA: Once your item is shipped you will receive a tracking number and you can track your order online.

International: In most cases it takes from 1-4 weeks. As we ship via USPS, the product gets handed to your local post office on arrival in your country and as such, delivery times will vary by county depending on the efficiency and expediency of your postal service.

Do you offer expedited international shipping?

No. In most cases expedited shipping cost more than the product itself. If for some reason you need to have your purchase expedited overseas, please give us a call and we can try to work with you to find a solution.

What are your shipping charges?

You will get exact shipping charges on the site before you complete the checkout process. However for ground shipping within the U.S., shipping is usually between $3-$10 depending on the product.

International shipping rates are typically between $15-$45 depending on the product/s ordered.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. You can order directly through our website and we will ship your order via USPS Priority Mail International.

As a note, orders may be broken up in to separate packages depending on the size of the items and/or quantity.

Do I have to pay for import fees/duties?

Yes. Any import fees, customs duties or other taxes are your responsibility. If these fees are declined, you will not be refunded any shipping charges.

Also note we have to declare full retail price on the invoice for customs. We cannot state the discounted price if you used a promo code.

Why are you not shipping certain items outside the US?

The cost of shipping as well as other associated international fees, have made certain products very costly to ship.

In addition, it's difficult to effectively service international customers in regards to returns.

Warranty (13)

My case cracked, peeled, scratched or otherwise does not look like it did when I bought it - what do I do?

All of our products carry a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects with receipt from an authorized reseller. If you feel your product has a manufacturing defect, please fill out our warranty claim form and we will look into getting you a replacement.

My case cracked, backpack ripped can I get a replacement?

Our products have a one-year warranty with receipt from an authorized reseller. If you are within the warranty time period fill out the claim form and we will look into getting you a replacement

Do your products have a warranty?

All of our products carry a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. If you feel your product has a manufacturing defect, please fill out a warranty claim form and we will look into getting you a replacement.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Please fill out the warranty form.

Do I need to send my product back to you when filing a claim?

Yes, you should plan on it. We have yet to come across any warranty for any product where this is not a requirement.

What does your warranty cover?

Technically, it covers our product against manufacturers defects for one year from the date of purchase. If your case has failed you in some way and you are within the 1 year warranty, the best thing to do is file a claim. Tell us what happened in the problem section of that form and follow the directions on that form and odds are pretty good that we will send you a replacement case or bag.

Can I exchange colors when I am returning a warranty item?

Only exact replacements can be given.

My case started to bubble, is that normal?

Lotions containing UV protection such as sunscreen can cause the product to peel if it gets on the finish and is exposed to sunlight. We recommend a glossy case as the UV ingredient only affects our Soft Touch (rubberized) coating. File a claim and we can do a one-time courtesy replacement for a finish that is not affected.

How Long does the warranty claim process take?

Depending on the information provided please allow 1-3 weeks to process your claim.

My case shattered for no reason, cracked after falling onto a shag carpet, or was damaged in a similarly unimaginable event that should not have caused damage to the phone, can I get a replacement?

It never hurts to fill out a claim form and attach some pictures and a receipt if you are in the warranty period. Worst case scenario, we might give you a healthy discount on a future purchase.

As a note, we've pretty much heard them all, and while you can try to give us a new story, your best bet is to just tell us the truth, we are much more likely to be sympathetic to you having dropped the case down 6 flights of stairs or had the dog chew on the bag than we are to "it just cracked for no reason" or "I had hardly anything in the bag and the strap just ripped out".

I bought a product on eBay and have a warranty issue, is that covered?

No, none of our resellers are authorized to sell on the Amazon Marketplace or eBay. If they do, the warranty for that item is their responsibility and we suggest you return it to them.

I received a product as a gift and want to know if I can still make a claim without a receipt?

A receipt is required for all warranty claims. However send an email to explaining your situation and will do our best to accommodate you. You'll probably have to send it back to us though for validation.

What if I no longer have the product that I was going to file the claim on?

Believe it or not, there is a reason that this is an FAQ. In short, quid pro quo. You have nothing to send us, we have nothing to send you.

Product (9)

Where can I find Incase products in stores?

You can find a selection of our products at Apple Stores, Best Buy, Target and select boutiques in the US.

If you are outside of the US, please be sure to visit our international Incase sites managed by our distributors. Ordering from your regional Incase distributor can potentially help save on costs related to shipping and duties that may result from ordering from the US-based webstore.

How do I clean my case?

We recommend cleaning your case with mild soap and water. We find that most stains can be removed using this process. We do not recommend machine washing as this will have some adverse affects on your case. If mild soap and water do not do the job then you may want to try using a non-abrasive carpet cleaner. We have had some customers report success with more stubborn stains by using this process. You will want to test the cleaner on an inconspicuous spot to see if it will cause any problems with the cases finish.

For our plastic cases with a gloss finish, a contact cleaner should work if something more than mild soap and water is needed. If the product has a soft touch coating, don't attempt to clean, with anything other than a damp soft cloth as chemicals will likely cause the soft-touch coating to peel.

Please keep in mind that we do not warrant our product for finish damages caused by any type of cleaning or attempts at cleaning. If you are unable to remove a stain using these methods, contact a professional cleaner for assistance.

How can I try one of your products?

Buying from is a risk-free endeavor. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days, no questions asked. We'll pay the return shipping and give you a full refund, including your original ground shipping costs. (Unfortunately, we are unable to cover expedited shipping costs.)

My Slider Case seems to be stuck on my iPhone, how do I remove it?

The Slider Case can be removed by using a latex glove to grip the Slider and pulling the top portion off from the bottom where the sliding portion meets the top portion. Squeezing the case from the sides will just make it more difficult to remove. It will take quite a pull to come off so it might be a good idea to get assistance. Please contact us if you have any problems.

We do not recommend the use of a screen protector with our slider cases unless it is the Incase version which is custom sized to fit and work with our slider cases. Incorrectly sized screen protectors are the main cause of slider cases binding up on the phone.

My screen protector bubbles when I put on the Slider Case, now what?

Incase products are designed to exacting proportions to fit securely with Apple devices. This means that often times our cases (Especially our slider cases) will not work with the addition of a screen protector film. We suggest removing any film before attaching the Incase product to your device to prevent any bubbling or detachment issues. Please make sure that any film used is compatible with the type of case that you purchased as our warranty does not cover 3rd party products.

How do I take the Hardshell Case off my MacBook?

Carefully. We've found it's best to take them off around the corners and using something like a credit card (guitar pick is even better), to get the clips to pop off.

I found an Incase product on eBay for really cheap, is it real?

Maybe, but there's a lot of fake Incase products out there. Products purchased from eBay or Amazon will not be covered by our warranty. Only buy from authorized resellers or from our site directly.

I removed your case from my iPhone and there are scratches?

We recommend cleaning the case on a regular basis to prevent debris from entering the case which can cause abrasion if not cleaned out periodically.

How do I clean my bag?

Bags with padding should be spot cleaned only! Since specialty fabrics and padding will not do well in the washing machine they should be spot cleaned to avoid shrinking the material or damaging any graphics, buckles or zippers. We do not replace bags for staining or improper washing. Any questions on cleaning specific stains should be directed to a professional dry cleaner.

General (10)

Does Incase accept outside design/product ideas?

You may email your outside design submissions to

What is your return policy?

Buying from is a risk-free endeavor. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days, no questions asked. We'll pay the return shipping (if you are in the U.S.) and give you a full refund, including your original ground shipping costs (unfortunately, we are unable to cover expedited or international shipping costs back to us.)

Please note that we do not do exchanges. It is easier and faster to just return the item to us and place a new order at your convenience.

My credit/debit card was charged and I don't have an order number?

We only charge your credit card when we actually ship the item. What you are seeing are pending charges/authorizations to verify that funds are available. If we don't receive the order for some reason or if no order has been shipped by us, they typically fall off within 7 business days (times may vary by bank).

Please note that we cannot "remove" these authorizations, that must be done by your bank.

Can you send me product for reviews?

No. We are not able to accommodate product review requests due to limited inventory. The majority of reviews that we do see of our products have been purchased by the users themselves.

How long does it take you to respond to email?

Usually we are able to respond to emails within 72 business hours. However, we do not reply to emails over the weekends so if you send your email between Friday and Sunday , it will take a bit longer to get a response. We also suggest you check the rest of the FAQs first.

Where can I track my order?

You can track your order on your account page.

If you did not create an account and haven't received your shipping notice within 24 hours contact us and we'll look up your order.

Why do I get payment unsuccessful errors on checkout?

We have found that most payment errors in our cart are usually related to some portion of the billing address not exactly matching the address that your bank has on file.

If you feel you have filled in all the information correctly and are still getting an error (and verified the billing address on file with your credit card company), we suggest that rather than try to input the order again, either give us a call or use a different credit card to place the order. Trying repeatedly with the same card will likely just lead to more errors and authorizations on your card.

I need to change or cancel my order, what do I do?

Best bet is to give us a call if you need to make an urgent change to an order before it ships. You can also send an email to however it can take up to 72 hours for a response as they are not answered in realtime.

I would like to resell your item, how do I do that?

Get in touch with our sales team.

Can I use more than one promo code per order?

Our cart only allows for 1 promo code per order.

Releafed (1)

What happened to the iPhone case and Backpack Releafed program?

Both of the iPhone case and the Backpack releafed programs have ended.

iPhone case has ended as of 02/28/14

Backpack has ended as of 05/30/14

Note: Any iPhone case or Backpack that is postmarked after these dates will be refused or returned to sender.